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Triticum aestivum
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Jacquemin, Jean Marie
Mingeot D and Jacquemin JM (1999) Mapping of RFLP probes characterized for their polymorphism on wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 98:1132-1137.
gbxR4 gbxR4 gbxR33 gbxR35 gbxR53 gbxR59 gbxR80 gbxR138
gbxR187 gbxR221 gbxR247 gbxR452 gbxR507 gbxR522 gbxR570
gbxR593 gbxR595 gbxR618 gbxR635 gbxR657 gbxR665 gbxR678
gbxR697 gbxR698 gbxR739 gbxR799 gbxR866 gbxR869 gbxR958

Mapping of RFLP probes characterized for their polymorphism on wheat.
Theoretical and Applied Genetics.


Wheat anonymous probes were selected for their efficiency for providing a readable hybridization pattern and revealing RFLP among wheat varieties. We report the mapping of 132 such probes (20 wheat-leaf cDNA, 28 wheat-root cDNA and 84 genomic DNA) on the reference population of the International Triticeae Mapping Initiative (ITMI) derived from the cross W-7984 with Opata85. Each probe has been characterized for its polymorphism information content. The 132 probes allowed us to map 160 loci.

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Genetic mapping.

Developing new and better tools to make gene hunts faster, cheaper and practical for any scientist was a primary goal of the Human Genome Project (HGP).

One of these tools is genetic mapping, the first step in isolating a gene. Genetic mapping - also called linkage mapping - can offer firm evidence that a disease transmitted from parent to child is linked to one or more genes. It also provides clues about which chromosome contains the gene and precisely where it lies on that chromosome.

Genetic maps have been used successfully to find the single gene responsible for relatively rare inherited disorders, like cystic fibrosis and muscular dystrophy. Maps have also become useful in guiding scientists to the many genes that are believed to interact to bring about more common disorders, such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and psychiatric conditions.

Restriction fragment length polymorphism

RFLP- In molecular biology, the term restriction fragment length polymorphism (or RFLP) is used in two related contexts: as a characteristic of DNA molecules (arising from their differing nucleotide sequences) by which they may be distinguished, and as the laboratory technique which uses this characteristic to compare DNA molecules. The technique is utilized in genetic fingerprinting and paternity testing.



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Grain Genes gbxR
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