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A spin-off (or spinoff) is a new organization or entity formed by a split from a larger one, such as a television series based on a pre-existing one, or as a new company formed from a university research group. In literature, especially in milieu based popular fictional book series like mysteries, westerns, fantasy, or science fiction the term sub-series is generally used instead of spin-off, but with essentially the same meaning.

In such genre fiction, the term parallels the usage in television as it is usually meant to indicate work signifying a substantial change in narrative viewpoint and activity from that (previous) storyline based around the activities of the series' principal protagonist(s) and so is a shift to that action and overall narrative thread of some other protagonist(s), which now becomes the central or main thread (storyline) of the new sub-series. The new protagonist generally appears first as a minor or supporting character in the main story line within a given milieu, and it is very common for the previous protagonist to have a supporting or cameo role, at the least as a historical mention, in the new sub-series. - created by Triforcemario after GBXemu forum crash and downtime. - a mirror of gbxemu by xAix - unofficial temp Forum by Isaac - formed by former gbxemu forum members - eralier used by but was stolen from them by

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  • Angel was a popular spin-off, based on the character of Angel (the vampire with a soul) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The series ran for five seasons.

  • Spin-offs can occur in video games. For example, the Wario Land series began as a spin-off from the Super Mario Land series (Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3), which was itself a spin-off of the Super Mario Bros. video game series, which in turn was a spin-off from Donkey Kong.
  • The longest running spin-off is The Simpsons, which was created as a series of animated segments for the sketch series The Tracey Ullman Show, and featured the voices of four cast-members. In one episode of "The Simpsons", secondary-characters are given their own segments in a so-called "spin-off showcase", parodying classic TV series.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is an example of a popular spin-off. It was a spin-off from the original Star Trek television series and movies. Many fans consider The Next Generation to be the pinnacle of the franchise. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise are also spinoffs of the original series.
  • Crusade is a spin-off of the original Babylon 5 series.
  • Frasier is one of the most popular spin-off series of all time, based on the character Dr. Frasier Crane from the American sitcom Cheers. The series ran for eleven seasons.
  • The Law & Order series has spawned a total of five spin-offs: Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, Crime & Punishment (a documentary series as opposed to scripted drama), Trial by Jury, and Conviction
  • CSI, the popular series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, has produced two spin-offs: CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. Both connected to the original series by a cross-over episode.
  • Canadian Idol is a spin-off of American Idol, itself a spinoff of the British Pop Idol. FremantleMedia holds rights to both the Canadian and American shows.

Well if you wan't to make a GBXemu spin-off site and are out of ideas here are some names that you could use to form a site : gbxemul, bgxemu, gxbemu, gbexmu, gbxmeu, gbxeum, bxemu, gbxem, ggbxemu, gbbxemu, gbxemulator, gbemu, gbxmu, gbxeu, gbxxemu, gbxeemu and I am sure you can come up with even more.

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Possible and not so provable ways the GBXemu name was born:
Update: GBoy explains - GBX - stands for GameBoy & GB Color and EMU is short for Emulation & Emulator and thus GBXemu

Grain Genes gbxR
Likelihood close to zero, but it is fun.

Pence Sterling GBX
but domains cost more so not likely.

DS Release Group GBX
but that one came well after the first one.

GBX emulator for PC
One of the working GB emulators for PC DOS. Closest name match, but the emu was totally unfinished and not so good. Well maybe.

GB XChanger (GBX)
This GB GBC rom backup tool was the most popular of the tools of this time and the timing looks about right... Spin-off sites
List of direct descendants as well as folks trying to make money off of the name.

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