GBX - Gameboy Emulator for the PC

GBX v0.02a - DOS based GB emulator. This is a Gameboy emulator by one of the twoauthors of Sim-S.N.EX (an SNES emulator), and just like Sim-S.N.EXthis emulator sadly stopped its development at the debugger stage, so all in all this emulator should rather be called a Z80debugger.
From official website:
GBX is a Gameboy Emulator for the PC. Gameboy Extreme is Coded in 32-bit Assembly By: ]SiMKiN[

June 23, 1999

* Made GBX v0.02a Available
* Gameboy z80 Debugger Implemented
* Gameboy z80 Core Complete
* Next Release: I/O ports and Interrupts

June 3, 1999

* Created This Webpage
* Made GBX v0.01a Availabe
* No Actual Emulation yet
* Just Rom Header Utility

confusionGBx v0.5c 08/18/02 Windows A GB/GBC emulator with good compatibility andsolid options.

pokemon emulator gameboyFor having the best compatibility with Pokemon games use Pokemon emulators that support Gameboy and Nintendo DS game linking, Real Time Clock for specific day and night events and big save game files for storing all the custom user data.



Possible and not so provable ways the GBXemu name was born:
Update: GBoy explains - GBX - stands for GameBoy & GB Color and EMU is short for Emulation & Emulator and thus GBXemu

Grain Genes gbxR
Likelihood close to zero, but it is fun.

Pence Sterling GBX
but domains cost more so not likely.

DS Release Group GBX
but that one came well after the first one.

GBX emulator for PC
One of the working GB emulators for PC DOS. Closest name match, but the emu was totally unfinished and not so good. Well maybe.

GB XChanger (GBX)
This GB GBC rom backup tool was the most popular of the tools of this time and the timing looks about right... Spin-off sites
List of direct descendants as well as folks trying to make money off of the name.

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