GBXemu history, or at least what I know of it haha.

Following is taken from GBXemu official forum thread about GBX history or how people remember it:
I have known GBX since 2002. My cousin told that he knew how to play GBA games on his computer and showed me GBX. form there I started to download roms. Then that gay RomShare opened and I couldn't download anymore roms. My cousin was finished with GBX. I didn't look at GBX for the whole year of 2003. Then when I checked GBX somewhere at Januray of 2004 it said something of a new site site was being created or something. Then when the other side of my cousins left and moved, I had noone to talk to and shiT. So I joined the forum.It was unitl three days later that the forum went down and Issac and xaix had they're liitle gay fight and then Issac went on to re-open EmuForum. Over at GBX, everyone hated DevilDRX. He was one retarded twelwe year old little f**k. After that, Issac came back after PMed him if he would ever go back to GBX again. And he did. Then after a few weeks Issac turned into xaix and came on the forum. Onmi had to hack the mod list and turn himself admin. Me and some other fellow members were on his sercet mod team. That lasted for a few days till xaix allowed onmi have the mod team. Every thing was going well. I had met friends with Ricky, fishin and Anti-Drug. After that lots of Legends comeback and demand modship. It happens......for a while. That's where we had out third forum clean out. And out last one too. Eventually the legends were demodded. Then the "dream team" was created. I was a G-Mod at the time, but I then soon demodded for reasons unknown. I was the only member that has been demodded and never left. w00tness. Then came the hackers with the bullshiT you peeps already know about. Lazydude

GBoy creates GBX, downloads everything is cool lots of people joined including the old crowd of Smoka, CD, Hiroshi, and Tirus... yeah thats his name I think bah

anyways, at one point CD was mod I believe and xAix was admin, then things started to go downhill and CD broke off and created a invision forum called G-Masters, a lot of oldies went to G-Masters but stayed here as well, xAix and Hiroshi became admins at G-Masters, it was a success and umm Hishoi went nuts one day and deleted every single mod/admin cept for CD, pissed off a lot of people including Wiserommer (who was using his server for the roms) anyways xAix as lying about something so they had a big fallout between GM and GBX. Everyone choose sides and hated each other.

GMers were considered the "elite" crowd while GBX was the "noob" crowd. Then more stuff happened and GBoy "dissappeared" xAix said he died or was in a hospital cause of a car accident and that he lives in Russia (o.O) thus he can't talk. My guess is the dude grew up and just left.

Anyways Tirus created with xAix, but one thing led to another they screwed each other over and mxemu belongs to xAix, in definance tirus created (doesn't work anymore he give up) it was never really that popular.

Anyways using the GBX domain name, xAix still got a steady of newcomers to keep the place alive... n00bish but alive.

Last year a new team was formed here but the team hated each other got flamed a lot and broke apart, then there was a series of hackings that got really out of hand, all the vets here left for GM as well and others just didn't care, and now Issac came back and this is it... yeah... lol Dream Weaver GBX evolution

I'm probably the oldest member here. I've been here since 2002 i think. Most of what Dream said is true, but i don't think Smokes, CD, Moshi and Tyris (O.o?) were really old, old, vets. The oldest vets were people like Jon-Tom (JT), Genexi2 (some guy once pretended to be Genixi2, by calling himself Genexi3, and saying he couldn't login to his old account, luckily CD, frick, me (lol), and Jon-Tom found him out, before that gullable xAix character admined him), Sephiroth (super old, but he just disappeared ), Mina (lol, JT and her got in a fight so she left), and they're about all the staff i can remember who were actually important.

The two main posters, and most popular members at the time were two unique members, one was called cpM, the other was called crazydude21.   In the end, a poll was made up looking for the next mod, and crazydude won. (Hypr didn't win because some n00b cheated for him   ). Other kool things that happened was Hiroshi, who still comes here from time to time was a mod then. And Frickendevil who comes here from time to time to cause trouble was modded, then de-modded because lots of people hated him (lol)

Then what happened? Monso became a postwhore and was the first 'Super ROM-Request Filler' and made at least 1000 of his 2500 posts there. He led everyone in the post count much like how CrimsonBlooD leads it now, only back then there were at least 15 members with over 1000 posts. Eventually everyone left to G-Masters, so only a few of us were active, with some of the vets visiting from time to time. Then the forum just died, and so did GBX, until it's revival about 3 months later. (With a whole new mod team, picked from the G-Masters vets heh  ). That's about where Dream's story kicks in. I don't really know what happened before 2002, i'm sure there were quite a few stories, then too. Crazylife

Dream, It's Tyris, not Tirus xD

Ashlee, You didn't mention DaZ or JC =O

I'm not sure exactly when this happened since it was a while back, but no-one has mentioned it so i thought i'd throw in what i knew.

GBXemu were leeching roms (From chinagba?), xAix was questioned about it since no-one believed she had permission to leech them, so she created a screenshot of an email (With the email and everything blacked out) of the so called "permission" for her to leech from ChinaGBA.

Someone then contacted ChinaGBA about it who denied the e-mail and contacted xAix. I'm not exactly sure how, but they get her to stop leeching and i believe that was the last time there was ROM's on the site.

Since then it's been Rom Requests and Rom share. The old Rom Share, people used to be able to upload ROM's, but problems like lack of space got that stopped and now we have the pathetic linking thing you see today.

About two years after that incident, (or it might of been one and a half) someone offered xAix the ability to share their roms, (I'm sure it was either GM or G2Emu) but xaix ignored them and they got pissed of and left.

Oh, and i can't remember the details very well, but there was also the whole domain theft thing happening with emuvortex. IF anyone could remember that, it would be a good read. Pixie

Just to clarify about the details of that election, you have me confused with Catphish (guy with animated MegaMan X avatar / HomeStar Runner). All my votes were legit and if I remember correctly, I came in third with 19 votes. Catphish's vote count nearly edged with CD's (who had 27).

As for the days when we had that crappy Pokemon theme on GBX, yeah the community was good, EXCEPT FOR ONE THING: xAix and GBoy were never there to be seen or heard. I do recall Jon-Tom complaining about the abscence of xAix and how his/her absence is affecting the moderator team. When xAix came back, that he-she made some dumb moves. As for the fight between Mina and Jon-Tom, well guess who put the gasoline into that fire...

So I don't really see how GBXemu was good back then, although I did enjoy helping out a lot with a couple of my buddies (especially Kanga and LuBu whom I never heard from for a long time due to personal situations). Perhaps, it was the people who contributed that made it better, not the crappy administration this community has ran on for the past years (not referring to the sub-admins).

Also, to fill the gaps in DreamWeaver's story, the conflict between G-Masters and GBX started with xAix leeching off of ChinaGBA. xAix claimed he had permission to do so, but it turns out (according to the ChinaGBA staff) that it was a big lie. So not only did xAix suffer a heavy blow from G-Masters, but from ChinaGBA as well (i.e. by breaking away from GBX as well as dis-linking the ROMs xAix leeched) The Hypr One!

Heyyyy people remember me  Just thought I'd drop by for old times sake, see whats happening these days. I can give you a bit of a timeline of this place as far as I can rememeber

Joined in about July 02 (that would make me 16, nearly 20 now, blimey)
Genexi2 was the most active mod at this time, as was I think Hiroshi, but cant remember any others. I was just a member then.

Forum then went down for at least a couple of months, when it came back I was the only reeeaaaly active member (I was a spammer basically) and so xAix (who IS a male) made me a mod. There was a few weeks of chaos in the forums basically, none of the other mods were around at all, there was no admin, and one mod on their own cannot handle an entire forum. It wasn't very fun for me

xAix then added more mods, there were oldies like Jce with me, but I forget the rest. I strongly disagreed with some of the choices though, it caused a big seperation in the mod team. I seem to recall people referring to the 'senior mods'  I basically didn't like how a lot of the new guys moderated the forum (ok, i was a bit big for my boots) and when I voiced my concerns over one random thread that I didnt understand the reason it was locked, Mina just... went nuts over it basically. It was very silly, I didn't accuse her directly but when she confronted me I did admit I didn't think she was a very good mod- so she left.

Meanwhile Zelion was causing havok in the chat, he was spreading a lot of shit basically and me and Jce stuck up for xAix in the whole thing, meaning we became admins. And thats when real life took over for me I guess, I modded (and even adminned) at cd21s forum for a while but it was all losing its appeal. I hadnt played on my gba in almost a year and was only there for the community which i was fast outgrowing and so I disapeared.

It may have been catphish who got really pissed off at me for returning here for a bit, choosing it over g-masters, but this place was always my favourite I guess. Eventually I just stopped coming here, I don't think I ever formally left, I just got bored!

So hows everyone been? Jon-Tom

Well, I agree, there aren't many good members and that's why the few good members got mod positions. There are some good members.

Grim reaper
Amy, not very active
Emerald knite
I actually have to think harder after these people, there must be more good members. Don't be offended if I forgot to mention you. You'll know for yourself if you are a good member

lol i remember that chat thing. that was pretty fun. And romshare, god that was helpful, then it went off ages or something and that's when all these rumours started spreading. now its not really much of a forum, more like noobs joining up, leaving one post ie "I need help, stuck on .... Please help!", then once their question is answerd, gone, never to return. I can't exactly say im a big member myself, i just hang around in the background lol. only kinda old member i remember (hehe rhyming) was Brolly. I agree with Crazylife, the really only good members are mods now, and are pretty being left with nothing to moderate lol. anyway this topic was pretty interesting i thought. superpizza

(There is a release group that has the same name like our website GBXR)
GBXR Nintendo DS ROM Releases

0021 Project Rub Europe GBXR
Nuke Super Mario 64 DS Europe GBXR
0034 Zoo Keeper USA GBXR
0035 Touch! Kirby's Magic Paintbrush Japan GBXR
0036 Daigasso! Band Brothers Japan GBXR
0030 Sprung - The Dating Game USA GBXR
0038 Ping Pals USA GBXR
Nuke Another Code - Futatsu no Kioku Japan GBXR
0054 Tiger Woods PGA Tour Europe GBXR

More people trying to profit from GBXemu name by registering similar misspelling domain names.
How can you tell they are not real sites and registered just for profit - they are parked at paid parking services and have no content AND the letters that are misspelled are right next to the correct gbxemu letter on the PC keyboard so some people will accidentally enter one of the above addresses when trying to reach .
Only the correct spelling is uzed for the real GBXemu Network sites!

Possible and not so provable ways the GBXemu name was born:
Update: GBoy explains - GBX - stands for GameBoy & GB Color and EMU is short for Emulation & Emulator and thus GBXemu

Grain Genes gbxR
Likelihood close to zero, but it is fun.

Pence Sterling GBX
but domains cost more so not likely.

DS Release Group GBX
but that one came well after the first one.

GBX emulator for PC
One of the working GB emulators for PC DOS. Closest name match, but the emu was totally unfinished and not so good. Well maybe.

GB XChanger (GBX)
This GB GBC rom backup tool was the most popular of the tools of this time and the timing looks about right... Spin-off sites
List of direct descendants as well as folks trying to make money off of the name.

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